Why You’re Not Seeing Results!

Are you not seeing the results from your workouts?

It is not uncommon for people to go to gym and not see the results that they were expecting, but why is that?

In this article we’ve broken down some of the most common reasons why you and others aren’t seeing any changes and how you can correct this error.

You go to the gym expecting sometime of results so let’s actually make it happen.

1 Not giving It Your All

Don’t go to the gym half-hearted!

It’s as simple as that, a lot people are not serious when they join them and take working out too lightly.

Thinking you can just go through simply going through the motions and not taking it seriously. Will almost guarantee you won’t see changes with your body.

You need to be fully committed to your program and be focus throughout your workout.

Pay attention at the task at hand and try to concentrate on the specific muscle groups your working on.

When your taking you rest in-between sets try to envision yourself performing the exercise with perfect form.

Truly try to picture yourself pushing that last final exhausting rep, squeezing every ounce of energy in your body.

You may physically be in the gym but they mentally may not be there, possibly day-dreaming about work, plans for tomorrow and other random thoughts.

Remember the body follows wherever the mind leads it. So take control of thoughts remain focus during the exercise and during your rest time.

2 Avoiding Muscle Groups

This is a problem that both men and women commit where they simply neglect training their entire body properly.

Where you only focus on certain areas of the body that you like to train.

A large group women (not all) focus too much on training legs and some cases only train legs because they are obsessed with getting a better but.

And end up doing squats and Glute-kickbacks all the time.

Men are just as guilty as committing this major flaw such as group of men that focus on always training chest doing bench press, with little variations of other exercises.

When you get caught up in training only certain muscle groups you will begin to create a muscle imbalance, which is the last thing you want to do.

Risk of Injury

First of you leave yourself more vulnerable to getting injured.

For example if you always train chest and neglect giving proper attention to your back, rear delts etc.

And you continue to increase the weight, to accommodate to a stronger chest.

Your rotator cuff (position at the rear of your shoulders) could easily get hurt.

This is because it won’t be able to bear the extra weight you adding on as you neglect strengthen your rear delts and all the smaller muscle groups that are involved in performing a bench press.

This is one of the most common injuries amongst men who don’t properly train the shoulders and back properly but love always training their chest.

Lack in Development

You will also experience a lack in overall body development through focusing just training certain areas.

Meaning that your body will not be in proportion. People fail to realise that one area of your body completes another.

For example in the case of woman who has nice pair of legs her waist and the rest of her torso will further complete how her legs look.

As humans we don’t see a pair of legs casually working around with without a an upper body that would look weird.

We see the entire body so focus on sculpture your entire body and not just overtraining one area.

To avoid committing this carnal mistake take a look at the workout programs within the Ultra Fitness App to make sure you follow an effective plan.

3 Only Workout When You Feel Like It

This may seem obvious when said out loud but it is something people do a lot and needs to be stressed.

You need to get over the hump of going to the gym even thought you don’t feel like it.

Everyone has those days of where they just don’t feel like going to gym today because their tired, it’s raining, it’s cold and the list goes on.

Don’t give into that silly excuse for not going to the gym, have the strength to overcome that negative thought and just go.

Remember it’s easy to get up and go train and it’s just as easy not too. You just need to make the right the choice.

How many times have you woken up and you don’t feel like going in to work today.

But guess what you got up and went and it paid off, you got a payslip at the end of the month instead of being fired.

The same goes for the gym, all those times you went to gym and you didn’t feel like it will pay off overtime.

4 You’re Not Eating Right

This cannot be stressed enough.

You need to fuel your body with the right food to get maximum results.

Think of your body as car for a moment if you go to the filling station and you fill you car with cheap quality gas (petrol) your car’s performance won’t be good.

But if you give your car high quality gas your car will run way more efficient and faster than that cheap stuff.

Think of you body as the same way but the only difference is your body is far more important than a car.

You can always replace your car and buy a new one. You can’t replace your body with another one, you have to work with what you’ve got.

Through eating the right food and doing the right workouts you can determine how you body looks and how you feel.


Your muscles’ store glycogen, which is one of the main energy sources your body uses during a workout.

At the end of your training session your glycogen levels nearly be depleted and it is essential to replenish them.

This done through eating carbohydrates, ideally fast consuming carbs such as white potatoes so that your body can break it down quickly.


Lifting weights cause muscle tissue to breakdown, which is repaired through eating protein.

As protein assist in muscle recovery, building bones, skin, cartilage and other essential body development.

It is essential you have good quality protein after workouts to support recovery as well as having good quality protein throughout the day.

5 You Stop When It Hurts

Nobody really likes pain, that does not mean it’s an acceptable excuse to stop doing an exercise just because it hurts.

I will like to be very clear on this point I am are not referring to if you suffered an injury.

If you did suffer an injury in the gym the most logical thing to do is stop doing the exercise and get medical attention.

Now we’ve got that straighten out we are referring to quitting just because it’s difficult and it hurts.

A lot people don’t take into account that training is not meant to be easy and because they expected it to be they end up quitting.

It is suppose to be difficult and hard to do and cause some form of pain.

That pain of where you push yourself is what allows you to improve, get better and cause your body to change for the better.

So stop quitting a set or an exercise just because it hurts, push through and keep going.

6 You Don’t Prioritize Weight Training

It’s a common sight to see people spend about half hour doing cardio at the start of their workout and then move onto lifting weights expecting to see no drop off when lifting weights.

You need to realise that you burnt most of your energy doing cardio meaning your muscles are fatigued before you even pick up a weight.

If you are going to start your workout with cardio limit it to about 10 to 15 minutes steady state cardio for example a light jog.

Or possibly doing Interval cardio for 10 to 15 minutes.

Through reducing the amount of time you spend doing cardio your body will be able to recover a lot quicker and you’ll get the most out of your weight session.

7 You’re Lifting Too Light

Choosing a weight that is simply just too light is a very common problem.

Yes you need to start relatively light if your a beginner or trying out new exercise for the first time.

But please remember that you start light and you progress up heavier for your working sets. I will like to clarify the difference between a warm up set and a working set.

A warm up set is where you pick a fairly light weight this is so that you can get used to doing the motion of the exercise and get more comfortable.

You may start with one or two warm up sets before doing your working sets.

Now a working set is where you select a weight that you find challenging to reach the required reps.

For example if a program says 4 sets of 10 reps this means you will pick a weight you can just about lift for 10 reps.

You won’t select a light weight where you can easily reach 10 reps and possibly do 20 reps, that means it was too easy and you need to go heavier.

The exercise needs to be challenging if your expecting change take place.

Diamonds are formed through over 725,000 pounds of pressure.

You body is similar in the sense that it can only change once it’s put under some form of pressure i.e. lifting a weight that is relatively hard for you.

If you always stick to lifting light weights how can expect change to take place when your workouts are softer than a cupcake.

8 You’re Lifting Too Heavy

We’ve clarified that you need to progress from lifting light weights but I want to ensure you don’t go too far and end up lifting too heavy.

A common problem amongst gym members is simply lifting too much weight, trying to lift something that they can’t physically manage.

Yes they are major benefits from lifting heavy weights, your joints and muscles strengthen as well it can boost muscle growth and burn a lot of calories.

However you should not be sacrificing your form just to get the weight up.

First off you’re putting your body at great risk of encountering an injury through lifting a heavy weight with incorrect form.

Secondly if you’re lifting heavy weights with bad form your not effectively training the targeted muscle.

Making it even more unlikely that you will see any real change with your body.

If you take the steps taught within this guide you will be able to further improve your chances of seeing results.

Take a look at the programs and meal plans in the Ultra Fitness App and start a plan that actually works!