How To Build Confidence at the Gym

Too shy to lift weights? Here’s how to overcome your fears!

We’ve all been there – ready to hit the gym with our new plan or our new goal only to lose that highflying confidence when a group of fitness-superheroes walk in.

Having spoken to real people we know how much of an issue it is to have confidence at the gym.

To overcome that fear of everyone is watching you, which is not the case.

We at Ultra Fitness have complied together some useful tactics to boost your confidence and turn you into fitness-superhero.


When you have a plan you feel in control – create a set plan of what your going to do the next day at the gym and the coming week.

If you know exactly what exercise to perform you won’t drift from one machine to next trying to figure out what to do next.

That drifting causes most people to gaze in disbelief of what other people are doing Stop!

Re-gather yourself and focus on your own task at hand and stick to your workout plan.

If you’re struggling to create a program for yourself check out the workouts section of the App.


If you don’t feel comfortable working around other people go to the gym during off-peak hours when the gym is a lot quieter.

You can start going to gym either early in the morning or late at night, this will help build your confidence.

As you begin to get used to your routine you will start to feel more at ease in the gym environment. Off-peak hours tend to be cheaper too.


Don’t be afraid to be a newbie. Remember that everyone started from somewhere we all started out as a beginner even us personal trainers.

Many people have the perception that you have to be fit to go the gym, which is not all the case. The gym should be viewed as hospital you go there to get better.

Everybody needs to put in the work to achieve their end goal we are all at different stages so long as you’ve started, take that as win and run with it.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As previously mentioned we were all beginners and everyone can remember what it’s like to be a newbie.

So when your not sure if you’re performing an exercise correct or if you don’t know how to adjust a machine ask for help.

Most people are willing to help others when we ask for assistance.

Remember when you ask for directions because you didn’t know how to find a certain address and you got pointed to the right way.

Do you remember how easy it was to find the address when given clear directions, well that’s the same with the gym other members/staff are willing to help.

Just Ask!

We have included videos with detailed descriptions and demonstrations in how to perform an exercise. Which will help making life a lot easier for you.


A good excuse to go shopping – buying a new gym kit can have an amazing impact on your confidence.

We tend feel powerful when we got a killer outfit on and heading out for dinner.

That same feeling can be re-created at the gym by getting a new gym kit that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Remember to keep comfort in mind at the end of the day you don’t want to workout in something too tight, bright or daring.


If you really feel out of your comfort zone grab a friend to go with you.

Sometimes being alone can be intimidating, but training with a friend can bring a new found confidence. Remember Strength in Numbers!

Having a gym partner can be so rewarding for both of you, as you can push each other on when one is struggling to get through that last rep or set.


Finally focus on the end goal and think how rewarding it will feel when you achieve your goal.

Know that a couple months from now you will have a new outlook on working out and a new body doing things you never thought you could.

Remember fitness is a journey and your need to start somewhere and now is the time for you to START!

Don’t forget having a clear plan makes life easier be sure to check out our workout programs and choose the one that best meets your goal and have fun.