How can weight training help you manage Asthma!

While some people will use asthma as an excuse not to exercise, weight training has taught you that you can overcome challenges. Article Summary:

An asthma attack can be caused by many triggers such as allergens or pollution. Make sure you are taking any medications on time and keep inhalers near by if needed. Regularly cleaning your home can reduce irritants that may cause an attack. If you have asthma, you’ve probably grown up with inhalers, doctor’s visits, shortness of breath and wheezing when you get sick.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Asthma can lead to wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and coughing that typically occurs at night or early in the morning.

An asthmatic attack is a chain reaction of events including:

Reaction to an environmental trigger Inflammation

The muscles around the airways react to inflammation

The airways narrow

Less air flows into the lungs

In addition, cells in the airways can make excess mucus that narrows your airways even more.

The Symptoms Of Asthma Typically Occur At Night Or In The Early Morning.

Signs And Symptoms Of Asthma

Coughing that is typically worse at night or in the early morning

Wheezing - a whistling like sound when you breathe

Chest tightness

Shortness of breath

Anxiety from shortness of breath

There are several things that can trigger an asthma attack including:

Allergens such as dust, animal dander, cockroaches, mold, mildew, pollen

Environmental irritants including cigarette smoke, air pollution, chemicals, smog, cleaning products

Sulfites in foods or beverages

Upper respiratory infections


Some medications

Environmental Irritants Such As Air

Pollution Can Trigger An Asthma Attack.

How Bodybuilding Can Help You Manage Asthma:

Bodybuilder’s Have Confidence: While some people will use asthma as an excuse not to exercise, bodybuilding has taught you that you can overcome challenges that life brings your way. After all, many famous athletes have asthma including swimmers Tom Dolan, Debbie Meyer and Nancy Hogshead and basketball players Dennis Rodman and Juwan Howard. If they can star in their respective sports while coping with asthma, you can too. Bodybuilders Take Medicine When Necessary: Inhalers and other short- or long- acting medicines can help prevent attacks or treat an attack. Bodybuilders Actively Manage Their Health: Bodybuilders are very aware of their body and work with their physician on a treatment plan that fits into their lifestyle. Bodybuilders also get asthma checkups frequently. Bodybuilders Carry Their Medications With Them At All Times: Just because you have asthma doesn’t mean that you’ve given up on exercise. To the contrary, you know that exercise will help you manage your stress and enhance your health. But, you also carry your asthma medicines with you at all times.

Inhalers And Other Medicines Can Help Prevent Attacks Or Treat An Attack.

Additional Tips To Help You Manage Asthma:

Vacuum and dust regularly

Cover your bed with allergy proof casings

Wash your bedding and towels in hot water to kill dust mites (and change these at least once a week)

Choose unscented detergents and cleaning products

Keep humidity low to reduce mold and mildew

Keep your house clean to minimize the likelihood that cockroaches will take up residence there

Use quality furnace filters to trap particles in the air that can trigger an asthma attack

Avoid cigarette smoke, smog and other environmental pollutants as much as possible

Wash Your Bedding And Towels In Hot Water

To Kill Dust Mites At Least Once A Week.


Asthma doesn’t have to sideline you. As a bodybuilder you can stay on top of this disease and not let it get the best of you.

Written By

Nelson Lopes