How To Build a Better Butt!

​It’s all a big Lie!

You’ve probably seen the new craze in 30 days squats challenges. Doing squats every single day to get a bigger and rounder butt.

Well I’m here to tell you that’s not how you get real results. Just because your legs are tired it doesn’t mean your booty is growing.

Take a look at our 4 key tips to help you get that butt you want!


Legs are a large muscle group and training legs once a week just won’t cut it.

To get that butt to grow you need to increase the workload and ideally be training legs at least twice a week.

No more than 3 legs sessions a week anything more, you’re pretty much overtraining the muscle and not giving them enough time to repair and grow.

You will notice our programs are broken down into Glutes & Hamstrings dominant, Quadriceps dominant and days that emphasis on both major muscle groups.

Breaking up your legs sessions like this will help in best optimising your results take a look at our workout plans to have a clearer idea.


Yes doing squats can be extremely beneficial for building a nice round booty however its not the only exercise you should do.

Your workout program should include a variety of exercises both isolated glute exercises and compound movements to really stimulate your legs.

Hitting your glutes with different exercises is great way to fire off the muscle and get it really working to promote growth and creating a nice round shape.

Here are some exercises you should consider adding to your workouts:

  • Barbell Squats
  • Bridges
  • Cable Glute Kickback
  • Smith Machine Hip-Thrust
  • Curtsey Lunge
  • Bulgarian Lunge
  • Squat Pulse

Check out our full workout programs for in-depth break down of reps, sets and a structured plan for building a better butt.


The glutes are a muscle just like any other part of your body and if you want them to grow you need to be putting the right stuff into your body.

This means having a well balance nutrition plan with high levels of complex carbs, which will help restore your glycogen levels.

Glycogen – is bodily tissue that is stored as carbohydrates.

When we workout we deplete muscle glycogen which is the primary energy source for our muscles.

Therefore we need a sufficient amount of carbs to give our legs energy for those tough workouts.

Protein is key to supporting muscle growth and repairing the tissue muscle you breakdown from training. So ensure that you have enough protein in your diet.

If your finding it tricky to structure a good meal plan take a look at our guides especially the ones within the ‘Get Healthy’ section.

You will see a great structure for calories, carbs, protein and fats.


When performing exercises like barbell squat you can put a greater emphasis on your glutes by adjusting your feet position.

Having your feet hip-width or wider will allow you to utilise your glute muscle more than a narrow stance.

Doing Deep Squats can stimulate your glutes further. However hip mobility and back stability is key to perform deep squats.

If your flexibility is not great, not to worry doing a parallel squat (90 degrees) will work just fine in activating your glutes.

In conclusion do at least 2 legs sessions a week, have a variety of exercises, eat the right food go deep when you squat.

For a structured plan take a look at our ‘Booty Builder’ 4-week program. Which comes with the meal plans and email support from our Personal Trainers to ensure you get the results you want!