8 Common Gym Mistakes to Avoid!

Ever seen one of those funny gym fail videos?

Well don’t let it be you and guess what it’s not that hard to avoid doing cringe worthy gym mistakes.

There are countless videos of people performing exercises with incorrect form, which has no real effect except putting themselves at risk of injury.

Yes there are some common mistakes which most of us commit on our first visit, which is understandable.

We’ve listed some of those errors so you can avoid doing them and get the best out of your workouts.

1 Ignoring Proper Exercise Form

This is a very common problem, which I see people with over a year’s experience in the gym still commit of performing exercises wrong.

As a newbie it’s normal to be clueless when you are at the gym and sometimes can be afraid to ask for help on how to do an exercise properly.

But you must overcome your fears at the gym and get comfortable, as it is crucial to use the right technique to ensure you isolate the right muscles when training.

To overcome this mistake frequently watch videos demonstration and breakdown the movement, body position to perfect your form.

The Ultra Fitness App has over 400 exercise videos for you to reference, to help you learn and improve.

2 Trying To Do Too Much

This is another common mistake that people tend to do when they re-join a gym or go for the first time.

Simply doing too much!

You need to understand this is a process. You can’t try and do everything in the hopes you’ll see results faster it just don’t work like that.

There is no need for you to be spending 2 hours in the gym, the longer your there the more counterproductive it becomes.

Ideally your workouts should take no more than 45minutes to 60 minutes to complete.

At the end of your workout allocate 5 – 10 minutes stretching to minimise muscle tightness and aches.

3 Not Planning Workout Before Hand

This is something that almost all newbies do when go to the gym without a structured plan.

This typical results in choosing exercises at random with the expectation that training like this will assist in weight lose or building muscle.

Does making up stuff on the spot with no training experience sound like a plan for success? Nope!

Go to the gym with a very clear plan of what body parts your going to train that day as well as what exercises.

If your not sure how to create an effective workout program, which will give some amazing results.

Take a look at the programs in the workouts section of the Ultra Fitness App full a detailed guide of what to do.

4 Not Doing a Warm-up

A lot of people neglect the importance of doing a warm up this is a mistake that not only beginners make but also intermediate gym goers commit.

The reason why warm ups are so important is because it prepares your body for physical activity by getting extra blood flow to your muscles.

Warm ups will improve joint mobility throughout your workout. This is because your body releases synovial fluid around your joints, which increases movement capabilities.

Warm ups are great way to get you mentally prepared for your workout as well as prevention against injuries.

5 Doing the Same Exercises, Weight & Reps

Change is scary! That is why it is understandable why you may want to do the same exercise, weight and reps.

But that’s not how you progress if you do the same thing over and over again. You won’t see real results.

Why? Because you body will hit a plateau and it will get use to lifting the same weight and reps. You will eventually adapt to the exercise.

If you want to see progress you will need to change your workout up every 4 to 8 weeks through different exercises, weight and reps.

This tricks your body making your muscles work harder.

Forcing your body to improve so that it can accommodate to your intense workout regime.

The Ultra Fitness App consists of over 20 different programs and hundreds of different training routines.

Our wide library of workouts will stop you from getting bored and with new challenging workouts to try.

6 Not Timing Rest Periods

After completing a tough set it can be extremely taxing on your body so you need an adequate amount of time recover before your next set.

However it is important to time you rest period, which in most cases should be between 60 – 90 seconds.

Unless it’s your strong day and your rep range is 3 – 5 reps of a heavy weight then your rest periods would ideally be around 3 minutes.

Either way you need to time your rest, as it will keep you discipline in sticking to the allocated time.

This will keep prevent you from wasting time through having 5 minute conversations between sets or daydreaming.

Your going to the gym for results so take it seriously!

7 Focusing only on Isolation Exercises

This is a mistake most commonly found amongst beginners.

We all want to improve certain areas of our body but if your just starting out at the gym you should not focus on only doing isolated exercises like bicep curls or dumbbell fly.

It is essential that you do compound (also called multi-joint) exercises at the start of your workouts such as squats, deadlifts, rows and presses.

As this is the foundation for developing strength and muscle, an exercise like barbell bent over row works both back and biceps.

Isolation exercises are excellent for hitting certain points of your muscles but it should not be made as the foundation of your workout.

Take a look at the workouts within the Ultra Fitness App to see how compound and isolated exercises have strategically been incorporated into our workouts for optimal results.

8 Neglecting to Keep Track of Progress

Failing to keep track of your progress will have a negative effect on developing strength and your physical appearance.

It is ideal to know exactly what weights you previously lifted to determine whether you should increase the following week or use the same weight.

Keeping track will also enable you to see what exercises your falling short on.

For example you may notice that one body part is not progressing as much as the rest of your body so you might need to concentrate on that area more.

Take note of these common gym mistakes to ensure that you don’t commit them and get the best out of your workouts.