5 Steps to Building Lean Muscle!

Building lean muscle is a lot easier than you think.

A lot of people tend to over complicate how to build lean muscle through some next secret mysterious supplement, (which is usually bogus marketing hype).

Or people hear some bro-science that “you have to do this specific plan to get results because that’s what I did and that’s the only way to see change.”

Well I’m hear to tell you that’s all a lie it’s a simpler than people make it out to be and if you follow these straight forward steps you will see results.

1 Eat Enough Food

I commonly hear people say that I am trying to build some muscle or I want to gain some extra weight but I am struggling to see results.

A lot of the time why your not seeing results is plain and simple you’re not eating enough.

Some body types are more prone to put on muscle compare to others.

To ensure you get the results that you desire you need to eat enough food and the right food.

Your body needs an adequate amount of protein for your muscles to repair and grow.

Calorie Surplus

A common mistake is that people are not aware that you need to be in a calorie surplus to effectively build muscle.

Calorie surplus simply means your eating more calories in a day than your body could burn.

For example if you burn an average 2,500 calories a day a good calorie surplus would be around 2,700 calories.

Therefore your eating an excess of extra 200 calories each day so your no longer eating to maintain weight but eating enough to gain and build lean muscle tissue.

If you’re a highly active person and play a lot sports or do a lot of cardio the amount of calories you will need to eat would need to be relatively high. To account for all the energy you burn.

If your uncertain of how many calories to eat, how often you should eat and what food to have, take a look at the meal plans within our Ultra Fitness App.

This will be an excellent guide for to get started on as your can get plans according to your body weight.

You can choose to increase or decrease the amount of calories you consume according to how your body responds to the plan after the first 2 weeks.

The plans within the Ultra Fitness App are pretty in-depth but if your still uncertain feel free to email our support team to get in touch with a trainer.

2 Have High Intensity Workouts

Another common mistake in why people don’t see results, when trying to gain muscle is they are not training hard enough.

Some people take the gym lightly and see it as social gathering to chat and catch up with friends or other gym members.

You need to remember that your there for a specific purpose and that is to see results. Be discipline and stay focus at the task at hand.

Block out all the outside noise and be mentally prepared for each set you perform.

Concentrate on the muscles that your working as you lift the weight and try to maximise the squeeze and contraction of each rep.

Keep you rest time less than 60 seconds or 90 seconds if your trainings legs or back to allow your heart rate to come back down.

Progressive Overload

If you’re required to reach certain rep range and you reach it with ease, increase the weight.

You need to gradually increase the weight to trigger your muscles to adapt to the heavier load so you don’t plateau lifting the same weight on every single set.

Right Mind-set

Have the right mind-set when approaching your workouts envision what you’re going to do at the gym before you pick up single weight.

Through be mentally prepared and staying focused you will be to effectively increase your workout intensity without necessarily starting a new program.

3 Form Over Weight!

I cannot stress this enough, please do not get fixated over the weight your lifting or what other people are lifting.

Yes you need progressive overload but don’t sacrifice form!

Over the years I have seen some horrible form because people’s egos are too big for them to drop the weight slightly and to do an more effective lift.

Yes it is good to increase the weight to push yourself, develop further strength and breakthrough plateaus. But don’t sacrifice doing an exercise properly just to get the weight up.

To build muscle you need to effectively hit a muscle group so that it’s working properly when performing an exercise.

Control the weight don’t let it control you!

It is common that your form may go slightly on the finally set especially if you’re pushing yourself on the last 2 reps.

However it is not acceptable to have bad form on every single set when doing an exercise there is no excuse for you to be twisting or swinging your body just to lift the weight.

If your serious about building lean muscle leave your ego at the door and focus on training properly the strength will eventually come over time.

Don’t force it by doing bad lifts and putting yourself at risk of injury.

4 Effectively Hit All Muscle Groups

This is another common mistake that I encounter when speaking to people at the gym. They are not hitting all muscle groups effectively.

For example people ask questions on how to build broad shoulders.

But when they go to train shoulders (deltoids) they don’t hit front delts, anterior delts, rear delts and their traps.

First off break your workouts down into muscle groups and understand the anatomy of the human body and which movements cause which muscles to fire off.

After doing so create a workout that incorporates both compound movements and isolated movements to train that muscle group.

Your workouts should start with compound exercises first otherwise known as multi-joint and then follow by isolated exercises.

If you have difficulty in understanding how to make a workout program as instructed above simply follow the plans with the Ultra Fitness App.

5 Rest & Recovery

Getting an adequate amount of rest is essential for building lean muscle our body can only repair and grow, muscle tissue when we’re resting.

Which is why getting 8 hours sleep is so beneficial for us, not only does your body repair when sleeping but it also allows our brains to recharge.

You will also consume less energy when sleeping meaning you’ll burn fewer calories making it easier to gain lean muscle.

If you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to seeing some extra gains.

If you’re uncertain of where to get started take a look at the plans in the Ultra Fitness App and find the right program for You!